Hend Hosny is a Richmond Hill - Ontario based woodworker and designer with art direction, furniture design, wood accessories design and handmade woodworking skills.

In 2018, she founded Sleekkut, inspired by her passion for creating unique wood designs. Her background in architecture enables her to come up with excellent designs that combine pattern and calligraphy with wood and the use of colourful epoxy resin.

Elevating spaces with chic, culturally-inspired woodwork and decor that speaks sophistication. Sleekkut fuse tradition and innovation to transform ordinary areas into realms of unparalleled refinement.

At Sleekkut, blending artistry and practicality is paramount. From the sleek Salam console radiating sophisticated allure to the functional yet fashionable mihrab prayer rug holder, each piece demonstrates their commitment to enhancing settings through both beauty and utility. With a discerning eye for nuance and passion for merging cultural heritage with modern aesthetics, Sleekkut crafts furnishings that make statements through polished style and sophistication rather than simply serving as furniture.