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Ma_laz Tary

Ma_laz Tary

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Ma_laz Tary

“Ma Laz WA Tab”  (ما لذ وطاب) Wooden Serving Tray is a great tray for serving or as a tray for an ottoman or a coffee table, crafted from solid Oakwood. The Arabic word “Ma Laz WA Tab” (ما لذ وطاب) (Bon appétit) embedded in Semi-transparent epoxy resin.

Coated with a food-safe oil to protect the wood and gives it a charming look.

Note: because of the very nature of wood, all pieces are unique. Colour variances and grain differences are inevitable and appreciated.

Length: 21” Width: 12” Height: 2.5”

Solid Oakwood
Epoxy resin
Finished with food-safe oil


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